I went to Trevor to get help with my SI joint which he fixed and then he went on my left side and told me that my ribs were all compressed. I have had pain/discomfort/tightness/shortness of breath in that area for a really, really long time, taking my puffers, etc. but I just thought it was one of those things that I had to live with because I muck horse stalls every day. I didn’t even complain to him about it, he just found it. Now I'm finally able to take deep breaths for the first time in months and all of that discomfort and tightness is gone. I feel so much better!

- Anne Pearse

Best Experience this morning!! I went to Trevor with a stuffy sinus, headache and sore neck. I came out able to breathe! And no headache! Two years ago, I fell and had a mild concussion, so my head was out of whack. Trevor Cragg is brilliant, he fixes the whole body, plus he moved my head bones back to where they should be. And then he manipulated my soft palate because my Sinus were a mess. NOW I CAN BREATHE. Deviated septum, he can fix that. Concussion, he fixes that too etc, etc. Impressed! I am like a loose noodle! Love him, and the space is pretty spectacular too. 10/10

- Nicole Coulter