Trevor has done a great job in helping to balance the muscles that have been causing my SI joint dysfunction. He also helped with my shoulder and neck this treatment. Thanks for getting me aligned Trevor!

- Leslie Sachse

Hey Trevor! Guess who just went for a 6km run and had absolutely no hip pain! This Gal! You are a wizard! Thanks!

- Suzanne Crone

Had my first treatment today with Trevor. I was not really sure what to expect having an Osteopathy treatment. We talked first about how I was feeling and he asked questions and answered any questions I had to help with his treatment. It has only been a couple of hours and I already feel so much more movement in my upper body and my hip is no longer aching. Trevor is very knowledgeable and professional. I am looking forward to my next treatment. 

- Laura Boire

 I highly recommend Trevor Cragg and Balanced Body Osteopathy. I've had S.I.joint pain for years and been to every therapist, done every type of treatment and taken far too many anti-inflammatories without success. After only three treatments, he has been able to greatly reduce my pain. He is insightful, thorough, knowledgeable and capable. I feel better than I have in a very long time. Thanks Trevor! 

- Lori Sullivan