Trevor Cragg - DOMP, DO (EU)
Founder of Balanced Body Osteopathy
Life, movement, happiness, family, friends, warmth, fun and balance!

Welcome! - and thank you for choosing and trusting in me to help guide you through your journey in health.

Osteopathy and health are my truest passions in life and it brings me the greatest good-fortune to see my patients thrive!

I look forward to all that is to become!


Ryan Osman, B.ENGG, MASc.
Media Coordinator

Ryan Osman is a recent graduate from the Water Resources Engineering: Master’s program at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada and a Great Lakes surf photographer.

Originally from the island of Mauritius, he moved to Canada in 2011 to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering and subsequently a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering with a focus on Hydrogeology.

While completing his Master’s degree, he got hooked on photography. Following a knee injury after a surf trip, he started documenting the surf community in Ontario and has since been internationally published. In 2018, he became the ambassador for the environmental organization, Greatness, and travelled around Ontario to showcase the beauty of the Great Lakes.

Ryan has since joined the Balanced Body Osteopathy team in 2018 to document and share the powerful effects of healing through the practice of osteopathy.