Not all heroes wear capes...
I didn't know being able to touch your chin to your chest was a real thing... until one treatment with Trevor! Trevor has relieved so much tension in my neck and jaw. He is incredible, gifted, amazing, superhero.. Highly recommend!

- Taylor Krampitz

 I had been suffering with pain in several areas of my body for many years and had come to the conclusion that I just needed to “live with it”. I had tried various treatment options with only minimal and temporary relief. It was then suggested to me by both an RMT and a chiropractor to explore osteopathic treatment. I did some research and called to book an appointment with a reputable osteopath in town, but was put on a long waiting list. This is when I was given Trevor Cragg’s name by my chiropractor. I contacted Trevor and he immediately responded and was able to see me within the week.

After my first appointment, I was amazed with the improved mobility in both my neck and shoulders and have experienced a diminished frequency of headaches. With further appointments, Trevor was able to locate other areas in need of correction (rotated pelvis, compressed ribs, rotator cuffs, SI joint pain). With each treatment, I have noticed improvements with my pain level and the way that my body is moving. I am now able to sit cross-legged at yoga without pain in my hips, complete some Pilates exercises that were impossible before and experience less knee pain while walking/hiking. He was even able to correct some wrist pain that I was experiencing due to the nature of my job and is exploring how some visceral work can help to improve the natural motility of my abdominal organs.

I always joke with Trevor that he is “magical” because he is able to pinpoint with great accuracy areas in my body that are causing pain, but the real truth, is that Trevor is a naturally gifted osteopath. He has a very positive energy, is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions and explain how the body works. I feel so fortunate to have found Trevor and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is experiencing pain anywhere in their body. I feel better than I have in years! I am exercising more, I feel stronger and because I am virtually pain-free, I’m very motivated to make positive changes to improve my overall health. Thank you, Trevor – I am forever grateful for all you have done!

- Carol Barnier

OSTEOPATHY WORKS! After coping with chronic pain as a result of ‘life happening’ (car accidents etc.) and trying every therapy I knew of, I was at the point where I thought I would have to accept living with a degree of discomfort a fair portion of the time. Having a physically demanding job also made for a rather depressing prognosis. Then a friend told me about Osteopathy and I eventually found Trevor. 

Trevor Cragg is a highly-trained and very gifted practitioner with a gentle, friendly demeanor and he WILL help you. This is not a quick fix that only lasts 24 hours and leaves you with a bunch of additional appointments to ‘look forward to’ but rather a modality that identifies and treats the cause of your pain. What a concept! You will leave your appointment feeling a lot better, but you will also continue to feel better and actually improve as your body starts to heal.  

Since beginning treatments with Trevor, I am more mobile than I have been for quite some time. This has resulted in my being able to participate in activities that I dropped many years ago due to pain (and fear!) and of course I am now stronger and more agile as a result. 

With Trevor’s help, I think I can look forward to some pretty amazing physical fitness and mobility in the years to come and I no longer dread aging as much as I used to.  We are indeed blessed to have such a talented, highly-trained practitioner right here in Uxbridge.  Thank you, Trevor! 

- N.E.

Our whole family is seeing Trevor. He is a gifted osteopath who has helped us all feel better. Highly recommend!!

- Kirsty Kernohan