As an active sports women, I have accumulated many concussions, however, my most recent incapacitated my mind, body and soul. While playing soccer in the Women’s Premier League in the Cayman Islands, I experienced a high impact hit to the head, leaving me unconscious for several minutes. Months following this traumatic brain injury, I became unrecognizable to myself and others around me. I lost the ability to speak and read, felt disorientated and confused at all times, had severe headaches and migraines, loss of balance and coordination, blurred vision, difficulty with memory, and was living in a constant state of cognitive fog and fatigue. These debilitating symptoms completely eliminated me from all the joys in life. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I had no choice but to take a leave of absence from teaching, withdrew from driving, quit all physical activities, and removed myself from everything I loved. Even walking upstairs caused exhaustion and fatigue that would last for days and at times resulted in fainting. The simplest everyday task became impossible and my happy, positive, energetic self soon became a faint image of my distant past. After numerous doctors appointments, assessments and medical tests, I was left with no treatment options and only advised to rest. I felt utterly hopeless for months.

Based on a recommendation to meet with Trevor Cragg at Balanced Body Osteopathy for cranial treatments, my husband brought me to Canada. During this time of despair, when all aspiration for recovery from post-concussion syndrome was lost, I was very grateful to meet Trevor. My first treatment provided me with instant relief from migraines, neck pain and tension, dizziness and anxiety. As treatments continued, my symptoms reduced each week and now after 5 months of weekly treatments, I have reclaimed who I once was.

My gratitude goes beyond words; I am forever indebted and grateful to Trevor for giving me my life back. His kindness and compassion exemplifies his true nature for healing. He takes time to listen and shares his knowledge, expertise and passion to aid recovery. I highly recommend anyone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury or post-concussion syndrome to seek treatment from Trevor. He is a true gem!

- Jayme Farrell

As a sufferer of severe migraines for over 18 years, I had tried pretty much everything in search of finding pain relief. From traditional medicine to massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, reike, reflexology, diets, homeopathic medicine, and bowen. Over the last few years the migraines had increased in frequency of up to three times per week with a soaring pain scale that left me in bed, feeling debilitated and unable to do anything. I was desperate to find something to relieve this pain. Just before hearing about Trevor, I was sent to another neurologist who, after reading my file, decided I needed to go on anti-seizure medication. This is something I did not want to do and I was feeling hopeless. A co-worker and her husband both recommended I go see Trevor Cragg at Balanced Body Osteopathy. Since osteopathy was something I had never tried before I was ready to give it a shot. Within the first few treatments that I had with Trevor, I felt a substantial amount of change and relief from pain. Over the course of my cranial treatments, Trevor released all of the tension in the back my neck and made gentle corrections to my cranial structure. After each treatment, I noticed major improvements and the overall intensity of my migraines drastically decreased. After 18 years of pain, I am now finally gaining my life back and am on no medication whatsoever. My only regret is that I wish I had gone to see him sooner. Thank you Trevor for caring, explaining and answering all my questions along the way. I highly recommend anyone, who experiences migraines or has had any type of head trauma, to seek cranial treatments from Trevor. It has made a world of difference for me. Thank you Trevor.

- Lisa Black

Over the past month before my appointment with Trevor I found that I was needing to wear my glasses a lot more than usual as my eyes felt strained and were causing headaches across the front of my face. Trevor examined the bones on the inside of my mouth and could tell that a recent operation to extract my wisdom teeth had caused this movement that had consequently shifted other bones in my cheek and eye area that had been the cause of the eye strain and headaches, he did his magic in adjusting the bones and relieved the pain. I'm am looking forward to my next appointment when he returns to Ucluelet!

- Sian Williams

I have been to other treatment providers as has my daughter (age 16) who is into her sixth year of post concussion syndrome. We have done every treatment and continue to see specialists. My daughter has had remarkable success through Trevor's treatment. He is very diligent and explains things of the treatments that she hasn't given up on and doesn't complain about going to. Her headaches have gone from a regular 8 out of 10 down to a 0 most recently - has never been this low in almost 6 years. I have had tendonitis issues and herniated discs for years and I can finally lift my arm straight up-I haven't been able to do that in ten years. This treatment is definitely worth trying! Highly recommend Trevor.

- Heather Murray

Two months of neck pain and headaches alleviated with two visits to Trevor. Highly recommended!

- James Inkster

I went to Trevor for the first time today, somewhat reluctantly as I've never had much success with other types of treatment for my issues and chronic pain. Not only did Trevor treat my migraine which was my sole purpose for the visit, he also fixed other problems I didn't even know existed. I would highly recommend him to others!

- Kristyn Brown