I was involved in a snowmobile accident 35 years ago, which resulted in a broken back. Since then, I have worked with physiotherapists, personal trainers, etc. to try to keep myself mobile. I had heard of osteopathy, but didn't really know much about it. Trevor approached me one day at the gym, and we set up an appt. From the very first treatment, he was able to re-position my pelvis, which had been out of alignment for 35 yrs. I was amazed, as I didn't think this would be possible after that many years. There is continued progress with every treatment. Trevor Cragg is very knowledgeable, professional and eager. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anybody that is considering osteopathy treatment.

- Colleen White

As a PGA of Canada golf professional playing for over 35 years, I just assumed all players had to learn to deal with back and neck pain. After my future daughter in law received treatment from Trevor for her concussions, she highly recommended that I make an appointment to see if Trevor could realign my neck and back posture. Four treatments later, not only am I playing golf pain-free for a change with no neck or back soreness, my digestion system has improved dramatically. I am now recommending many of my fellow golfers to book an appointment. 

Dan Campbell, 
PGA of Canada Master Professional

I had some X-rays done which showed scoliosis of my spine in addition to spinal compression. I have been in some form of treatment for the last 10 years with middling results. I was often told by other practitioners that my condition was chronic, and the best that I could expect would be minimal relief.  After the very first treatment with Trevor, I felt amazing, like my old self.  My backache that was always present was gone. I have not felt the same debilitating pain that I use to feel. My posture has straightened and is now more balanced. I have been back a few more times for treatment in other areas, and the pain has diminished significantly after each treatment. Even my skeptical husband went to treat a knee injury, now he believes osteopathy works.

- Wendy Magdziak

Trevor Cragg is a thorough, gifted osteopath. He was able to pinpoint the source of a back issue I was having, that turned out to be part of a bigger, more encompassing scenario that I was ignoring. The three sessions I needed were all intense and effective and his advice about recovery and healing from here on in has been tremendously helpful. I am impressed with how much he was able to achieve in each session and that I don't have to have months of appointments. Three were all I needed! I would not hesitate to recommend Trevor.

- Suzanne Crone

Trevor has been fantastic helping me overcome an acute back injury and as an unexpected bonus has helped me with an ongoing chronic issue of 15 years. I am feeling the best I have felt in years.

- Lisa Mayne

After one treatment for my back I have experienced more pain relief than I did with 5 years of Physio, massage and chiro. Thank you so so much!

- Haley Brown


I don't even know how to put into words how grateful I am to Trevor! For the first time in many years I am pain-free today. I have had lower back pain for years! I have tried chiropractors, physio, a different osteopath, etc. Although these other treatments have helped somewhat, I have never had such pain relief as I have now that Trevor has been giving me osteopath treatments. And may I add, I now have this kind of pain relief after about only 4 treatments! I cannot even get over it! I can move my back and neck sooooo much more than I have been able to do for years. I cannot even recommend Trevor highly enough! He is fantastic! I feel he has a special gift for osteopathy and can sense where the cause of the pain is and make it let go! I feel so grateful!

- Diana Drew

I wanted to let you know that my back is doing so great!  I hardly have any pain. This past weekend I went to Kingston and did a lot of walking....a lot!!!! No lower back pain at all! Usually I am walking around with my hand on my lower back.  Finding a place to sit. Even getting up and down was a discomfort for my back. Now... hardly nothing! Thank you again for all that you do.  I very much appreciate it!

- Julie MacKenzie