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Last week I had 4 wisdom teeth removed which left tingling and numbness on the left side of my face and jaw. I was worried that a nerve had been damaged or cut during surgery and that this frightening sensation would be permanent. When I asked Trevor if he could help, he explained how the muscle tension accumulated during surgery could be pinching the nerves and causing this sensation. During the treatment, Trevor gently released the muscle tension around my face, neck and jaw and within a few minutes, I began noticing an improvement! Normal feeling was coming back to my jaw and the numbness around my face was going away. I was relieved to know that it was not going to be permanent! Previous to this, Trevor also fixed my neck and back which had been causing chronic pain for years! I can't thank him enough for the help he has given me. I recommend Trevor to everyone!!

- Laura McGraa

As a sufferer of severe migraines for over 18 years, I had tried pretty much everything in search of finding pain relief. From traditional medicine to massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, reike, reflexology, diets, homeopathic medicine, and bowen. Over the last few years the migraines had increased in frequency of up to three times per week with a soaring pain scale that left me in bed, feeling debilitated and unable to do anything. I was desperate to find something to relieve this pain. Just before hearing about Trevor, I was sent to another neurologist who, after reading my file, decided I needed to go on anti-seizure medication. This is something I did not want to do and I was feeling hopeless. A co-worker and her husband both recommended I go see Trevor Cragg at Balanced Body Osteopathy. Since osteopathy was something I had never tried before I was ready to give it a shot. Within the first few treatments that I had with Trevor, I felt a substantial amount of change and relief from pain. Over the course of my cranial treatments, Trevor released all of the tension in the back my neck and made gentle corrections to my cranial structure. After each treatment, I noticed major improvements and the overall intensity of my migraines drastically decreased. After 18 years of pain, I am now finally gaining my life back and am on no medication whatsoever. My only regret is that I wish I had gone to see him sooner. Thank you Trevor for caring, explaining and answering all my questions along the way. I highly recommend anyone, who experiences migraines or has had any type of head trauma, to seek cranial treatments from Trevor. It has made a world of difference for me. Thank you Trevor.

- Lisa Black

I had been suffering with pain in several areas of my body for many years and had come to the conclusion that I just needed to “live with it”. I had tried various treatment options with only minimal and temporary relief. It was then suggested to me by both an RMT and a chiropractor to explore osteopathic treatment. I did some research and called to book an appointment with a reputable osteopath in town, but was put on a long waiting list. This is when I was given Trevor Cragg’s name by my chiropractor. I contacted Trevor and he immediately responded and was able to see me within the week.

After my first appointment, I was amazed with the improved mobility in both my neck and shoulders and have experienced a diminished frequency of headaches. With further appointments, Trevor was able to locate other areas in need of correction (rotated pelvis, compressed ribs, rotator cuffs, SI joint pain). With each treatment, I have noticed improvements with my pain level and the way that my body is moving. I am now able to sit cross-legged at yoga without pain in my hips, complete some Pilates exercises that were impossible before and experience less knee pain while walking/hiking. He was even able to correct some wrist pain that I was experiencing due to the nature of my job and is exploring how some visceral work can help to improve the natural motility of my abdominal organs.

I always joke with Trevor that he is “magical” because he is able to pinpoint with great accuracy areas in my body that are causing pain, but the real truth, is that Trevor is a naturally gifted osteopath. He has a very positive energy, is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to answer questions and explain how the body works. I feel so fortunate to have found Trevor and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is experiencing pain anywhere in their body. I feel better than I have in years! I am exercising more, I feel stronger and because I am virtually pain-free, I’m very motivated to make positive changes to improve my overall health. Thank you, Trevor – I am forever grateful for all you have done!

- Carol Barnier

I have only had 2 appointments with Trevor Cragg and already have had amazing results. I had bells palsy 4 years ago and since then the nerves on the right side of my face under my eye have twitched non stop. I also didn't have a lot of feeling on that side of my face. After my first treatment the twitching has stopped and I can actually feel it when I touch the right side of my face now. I have tried massage, chiropractor and acupuncture to name a few but by far would recommend osteopathy over all of them. I would also highly recommend Trevor. He is professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable on what needs to be done in order to get the results you are looking for. Thank you Trevor :)

- Tracey Powell

I was involved in a snowmobile accident 35 years ago, which resulted in a broken back. Since then, I have worked with physiotherapists, personal trainers, etc. to try to keep myself mobile. I had heard of osteopathy, but didn't really know much about it. Trevor approached me one day at the gym, and we set up an appt. From the very first treatment, he was able to re-position my pelvis, which had been out of alignment for 35 yrs. I was amazed, as I didn't think this would be possible after that many years. There is continued progress with every treatment. Trevor Cragg is very knowledgeable, professional and eager. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anybody that is considering osteopathy treatment.

- Colleen White

Not all heroes wear capes...
I didn't know being able to touch your chin to your chest was a real thing... until one treatment with Trevor! Trevor has relieved so much tension in my neck and jaw. He is incredible, gifted, amazing, superhero.. Highly recommend!

- Taylor Krampitz

I had some X-rays done which showed scoliosis of my spine in addition to spinal compression. I have been in some form of treatment for the last 10 years with middling results. I was often told by other practitioners that my condition was chronic, and the best that I could expect would be minimal relief.  After the very first treatment with Trevor, I felt amazing, like my old self.  My backache that was always present was gone. I have not felt the same debilitating pain that I use to feel. My posture has straightened and is now more balanced. I have been back a few more times for treatment in other areas, and the pain has diminished significantly after each treatment. Even my skeptical husband went to treat a knee injury, now he believes osteopathy works.

- Wendy Magdziak

Best Experience this morning!! I went to Trevor with a stuffy sinus, headache and sore neck. I came out able to breathe! And no headache! Two years ago, I fell and had a mild concussion, so my head was out of whack. Trevor Cragg is brilliant, he fixes the whole body, plus he moved my head bones back to where they should be. And then he manipulated my soft palate because my Sinus were a mess. NOW I CAN BREATHE. Deviated septum, he can fix that. Concussion, he fixes that too etc, etc. Impressed! I am like a loose noodle! Love him, and the space is pretty spectacular too. 10/10

- Nicole Coulter

After several treatments, Trevor has helped me tremendously with my TMJ pain and tinnitus. He has adjusted my hips and lower back from an old injury that I thought was healed. He has helped me get my thyroid and cervical spine and shoulders back into alignment. I’m sleeping better now than I have in years! And all this happens within minutes of his work. No waiting long periods for results! It shows how intricately connected our bodies are, and pain in one area might be caused by lack of alignment in another. Trevor is truly gifted and very knowledgeable in his profession. He is able to identify misalignments with ease and precision.

Thank you, Trevor for all your help.

- Teresa Ribich

Two months of neck pain and headaches alleviated with two visits to Trevor. Highly recommended!

- James Inkster

Trevor helped me manage my pain caused by Crohn's Disease and then even made the pain disappear.

- Jennifer Caines

Trevor Cragg is a thorough, gifted osteopath. He was able to pinpoint the source of a back issue I was having, that turned out to be part of a bigger, more encompassing scenario that I was ignoring. The three sessions I needed were all intense and effective and his advice about recovery and healing from here on in has been tremendously helpful. I am impressed with how much he was able to achieve in each session and that I don't have to have months of appointments. Three were all I needed! I would not hesitate to recommend Trevor.

- Suzanne Crone

Trevor has been fantastic helping me overcome an acute back injury and as an unexpected bonus has helped me with an ongoing chronic issue of 15 years. I am feeling the best I have felt in years.

- Lisa Mayne

I went to Trevor to get help with my SI joint which he fixed and then he went on my left side and told me that my ribs were all compressed. I have had pain/discomfort/tightness/shortness of breath in that area for a really, really long time, taking my puffers, etc. but I just thought it was one of those things that I had to live with because I muck horse stalls every day. I didn’t even complain to him about it, he just found it. Now I'm finally able to take deep breaths for the first time in months and all of that discomfort and tightness is gone. I feel so much better!

- Anne Pearse

After one treatment on my back I have experienced more pain relief than I did with 5 years of Physio, massage and chiro. Thank you so so much!

- Haley Brown

I have been to other treatment providers as has my daughter (age 16) who is into her sixth year of post concussion syndrome. We have done every treatment and continue to see specialists. My daughter has had remarkable success through Trevor's treatment. He is very diligent and explains things well...one of the treatments that she hasn't given up on and doesn't complain about going to. Her headaches have gone from a regular 8 out of 10 down to a 0 most recently - has never been this low in almost 6 years. I have had tendonitis issues and herniated discs for years and I can finally lift my arm straight up-I haven't been able to do that in ten years. This treatment is definitely worth trying! Highly recommend Trevor.

- Heather Murray

Our whole family is seeing Trevor. He is a gifted osteopath who has helped us all feel better. Highly recommend!!

- Kirsty Kernohan

I highly recommend Trevor Cragg and Balanced Body Osteopathy. I've had S.I.joint pain for years and been to every therapist, done every type of treatment and taken far too many anti-inflammatories without success. After only three treatments, he has been able to greatly reduce my pain. He is insightful, thorough, knowledgeable and capable. I feel better than I have in a very long time. Thanks Trevor! 

- Lori Sullivan

Trevor has done a great job in helping to balance the muscles that have been causing my SI joint dysfunction. He also helped with my shoulder and neck this treatment. Thanks for getting me aligned Trevor!

- Leslie Sachse

Hey Trevor! Guess who just went for a 6km run and had absolutely no hip pain! This Gal! You are a wizard! Thanks!

- Suzanne Crone

Had my first treatment today with Trevor. I was not really sure what to expect having an Osteopathy treatment. We talked first about how I was feeling and he asked questions and answered any questions I had to help with his treatment. It has only been a couple of hours and I already feel so much more movement in my upper body and my hip is no longer aching. Trevor is very knowledgeable and professional. I am looking forward to my next treatment. 

- Laura Boire

I went to Trevor for the first time today, somewhat reluctantly as I've never had much success with other types of treatment for my issues and chronic pain. Not only did Trevor treat my migraine which was my sole purpose for the visit, he also fixed other problems I didn't even know existed. I would highly recommend him to others!

- Kristyn Brown

Trevor has fixed me up a few times now!

- Owen Tulk

Over the past month before my appointment with Trevor I found that I was needing to wear my glasses a lot more than usual as my eyes felt strained and were causing headaches across the front of my face. Trevor examined the bones on the inside of my mouth and could tell that a recent operation to extract my wisdom teeth had caused this movement that had consequently shifted other bones in my cheek and eye area that had been the cause of the eye strain and headaches, he did his magic in adjusting the bones and relieved the pain. I'm am looking forward to my next appointment when he returns to Ucluelet!

- Sian Williams

Hi Trevor,

Hope you had a nice weekend.

I wanted to let you know that my back is doing so great!  I hardly have any pain.  This past weekend I went to Kingston and did a lot of walking....a lot!!!! No lower back pain at all! Usually I am walking around with my hand on my lower back.  Finding a place to sit. Even getting up and down was a discomfort for my back.  Now... hardly nothing!

Thank you again for all that you do.  I very much appreciate it.

- Julie MacKenzie

I don't even know how to put into words how grateful I am to Trevor! For the first time in many years I am pain-free today. I have had lower back pain for years! I have tried chiropractors, physio, a different osteopath, etc. Although these other treatments have helped somewhat, I have never had such pain relief as I have now that Trevor has been giving me osteopath treatments. And may I add, I now have this kind of pain relief after about only 4 treatments! I cannot even get over it! I can move my back and neck sooooo much more than I have been able to do for years. I cannot even recommend Trevor highly enough! He is fantastic! I feel he has a special gift for osteopathy and can sense where the cause of the pain is and make it let go! I feel so grateful!

- Diana Drew

OSTEOPATHY WORKS! After coping with chronic pain as a result of ‘life happening’ (car accidents etc.) and trying every therapy I knew of, I was at the point where I thought I would have to accept living with a degree of discomfort a fair portion of the time. Having a physically demanding job also made for a rather depressing prognosis.Then a friend told me about Osteopathy and I eventually found Trevor. 

Trevor Cragg is a highly-trained and very gifted practitioner with a gentle, friendly demeanor and he WILL help you. This is not a quick fix that only lasts 24 hours and leaves you with a bunch of additional appointments to ‘look forward to’ but rather a modality that identifies and treats the cause of your pain. What a concept! You will leave your appointment feeling a lot better, but you will also continue to feel better and actually improve as your body starts to heal.  

Since beginning treatments with Trevor, I am more mobile than I have been for quite some time. This has resulted in my being able to participate in activities that I dropped many years ago due to pain (and fear!) and of course I am now stronger and more agile as a result. 

With Trevor’s help, I think I can look forward to some pretty amazing physical fitness and mobility in the years to come and I no longer dread aging as much as I used to.  We are indeed blessed to have such a talented, highly-trained practitioner right here in Uxbridge.  Thank you, Trevor! 

- N.E.